Monday, May 30


I've been reviewed.

A few of the more flattering things

The first thing I thought of when I read the comic was "Hey, that guy looks like he's out of Doonesbury!" closely followed by "I see we have another Bloom
County fanatic on our hands." And the delightful thing is, it feels remarkably
like something we would have seen in Bloom County. Only... better than much of
that comic.

That made my eyes pop out of my head. As did this...

The thing is, Breathed was good once. And Jason Siebels (who creates ABH) seems to have captured the genie in the bottle and released it into his comic. This thing is funny! It takes the elements that makes a comic funny and uses them... and does so in a comic that is deceptively a gag strip, but actually has an ongoing storyline that's interesting.

All before things got REALLY interesting with this weeks strips. Personaly I'm feeling strangely giddy and likewise I want to this is what recognition feels like. People LIKE it...they really LIKE it.


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