Sunday, July 1

A fresh Start

Well, yes, it very much is, and here's the reasoning for it.

1. Storywise, it was a bloody mess to try and deal with what was happening. Not that I "need the misery" so to say..but rather things were drawing out FAR to long and I just couldn't reconcile what was happening in the strip.

In other words, I was tired of watching it drag down like a weighted corpse.

2. I was debating doing a hard reboot when I rebooted back in January (or February...or whenever it was)...but I figured I'ld get killed.

In other words, this really should have happened this spring...but I didn't have the balls to do it I'm doing it now.

3. I DO want to compile ABH into book form. Which I could not do given what I had in front of me. In order to publish a book, I NEED the story from top to bottom...not from middle to end to begining.

So, I could either wait untill things wrapped up with this series...move onto the follow up series (yes, there is at least one more series that I want to see out there when it's all said and done) and then try and finish up ABH...or I just do what I should have done from the bloody begining. Which is START FROM THE TOP LIKE I SHOULD HAVE.

In other words...this is an attempt to fix things once and for all.

4. My art sucked. It sucked in horrible sucky sucky suck suck ways that I did not want to see published in book form. This is MY WAY of fixing it.

In other words...My art sucked in sucky suck suck suck ways...and this is my way of fixing it.

With that said. The archives WILL be continually perusable at the comicgenesis site, you can go view my past shame there.'s bloody AWEFUL.

Hope this answers your questions in one big "howsyamama" swoop.



3. My art...from back in 04' sucks. It sucks in a way that I rather hate.

Wednesday, October 25




So, Around July I dropped my home internet connection to save some green for the wedding. The plan was to do the strips at my place, and then go to Jessica's to upload strips and do any internet stuff there.

which was working GREAT by the way. Seriously, I was able to save an extra couple of bucks a month and the system worked. Yes, there were some delays, but you know, that was the trade off.

Well, about 2 months ago we started having computer problems. The battery would stop recharging. We believed the problem to be with the power cord to it's laptop. If you bumped the computer we'ld loose power and it would shut off, If you wiggled the cord to get it to power back up.

Well...yesterday...Jessica's computer went completely belly up. Dead. D...E...A...D. No power, nada. Which ment there was absolutly NO way to update on Wednesday. I've been able to work ahead to make certain that I've got strips through next Wednesday when I'll ONCE AGAIN have a connection to the net at our new place. At which point, I can be a much, much, much happier camper.

But Untill then...



Tuesday, June 20

The Long Road to Nowhere...

NOW that In the Still of the Night is done I can write about what I wanted to write about back when I wrapped up The Long Road to Nowhere.

The Long Road to Nowhere was originally concieved as a 30 page strip, top to tails, culminating with the infinate canvas "In the Still of the Night". In fact I was working (operative word "was") on both The Long Road and Night simultaniously.

So, the plan was, a full comic book (30 pages) and then, while everyone is basking in the afterglow of a month and a half of non-stop page after page of story get pimpsmacked across the face with what is essentially another 30 pages of story.

Why? I donno, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And then my world went a little wonky right around the start of March. Then it got really wonky around the 15th....and then I discovered that being a fiance' takes up a damned lot of time. Picking out cakes, and trying to find the perfect ring, and getting joint checking accounts set up. Doing the "family" thing with a whole new set of relatives, tracking down old friends to be able to send them an invite...and, just in general, being there for my fiance'...showing off my culinary skills, working out household chores, balancing our checking accounts...making time to actually go out and enjoy the city we live in... know...that whole "Relationship" takes a lot out of a guy.

And that's why I had to draw things out...that's why I had to fill.

I COULD have wrapped up this story line a month ago. Perhaps I SHOULD have and just published "Night" in installments.

But I really didn't want to do that. In fact, I got rather pissy at myself for having to break it up like I did.

I guess, that's what you'ld call "life". I do tend to bite off a bit more then I can chew, and I also seem to take it rather personally when I find out that I cant take on the world single handed.

Well, it's a bit of an adjustment finding out that you're not realy Superman.

Anyway, again, I'm not terribly happy with the fact that I had to "fill" and I will be adjusting it. I already know, or when, or in what way...I have no idea. But this story, from about 3 pages after they got into the bath-tub, bothers me...because I KNOW how it's suppost to go, and it falls short.

And I'm anal about things like that. So it will wind up being changed for future generations to look at and go "HOLEY CRAP...DID YOU SEE THAT...30 straight pages, AND an infinate canvas...HOOOOOLEEEE SHIT!"

Because I'm a bastard, and that's what we do. We pimpsmack the world into being a better place by not giving a half assed effort.

Peace Out


Thursday, April 27

Whoda Thunk it

NWA's "Straight out of Compton" a whimsical folk style.

some days, life is just good.

Saturday, February 25

There is no god...

and here is the proof.

Monday, January 30

List of turn downs

Over the course of my life, I have been given an extrodinary number of turn downs upon approaching women with the hopes of actually establishing some sort of contact with them. Here's just a taste of what I've gotten in response.

Ass licking Numbnut
Assyrian God
Abalone Snorting Bubble Head
Autistic Chimp
A Republican
A Liberal
A Catholic-that one hurt
A Heathen
A Spice Girls Fan (shudder)
Baloon-I think the girl was really drunk when she called me this
Ball Sack
Bitchnugget -a personal favorite of mine I must admit
Bill Collector
Bobbit Canidate
Boy Toy
Braindead Ape
Brainy Fuck
Creaping DEATH
Charles DeGaul-Never hit on history Majors
Chick flick lover
Chicken Shit
Clark Kent
Cranky Old Bastard
Cro Magnon
Cryogenetic Dick
Dick Tracy
Dirk Diggler
Dumb ass
Earstwhile Loss of an Emotional Investment-English majors, ya gotta love them
Ed Gien
Emotionaly Dead
Emotional Vampire
Evil Fucking Genius
fat ass
fat fucker
first rate asshole
Flesh Eating Bacteria
Fuck nut
fucking ass
fucking asshole
fucking cold hearted dick
fucking crazy
fucking bastard
fucking evil
fucking evil genius
fucking fucker
fucking hornball
fucking prude
fucking yankees fan
fucking mets fan
fucking Vikings fan
Giant Ignoramous
Gigantic Asshole
Gourd head
Gigli Lover
Hitler's personal sex midget
Horizontally Gifted-I like any woman who makes you think about the insult she just hurled at you.
I don't think so
Icy Bastard
Icy Cold Madena
Icky Man-not the brightest bulb, I could tell by her first insult.
Jack off
Jack of All trades
James Dean
Jimmy Dean
Jesus, not you again.
John Madden's Nut Cup
Kick to the Head
Kick to the Ovaries
Killed all sexual desire in me
Let down
Leerer-I LEER? Are you KIDDING ME.
Mambo King
Mary Sunshine
Most boring man she's ever met
Muscle Head
Niccotine Addict
Nancy Boy
Ohhhh GOD, it's you again?
Red Faced Idiot
Shit head
Touretts Spewing Heathen
Unicel Worker
Utter waste of time
Vertically Challenged
Waste of flesh
Waste of perfectily good Genetic Code
Waste of Time
Xenophobe-But I LIKE aliens.
You again?
Zygotic mystake

Saturday, January 28