Friday, July 15

Reading Comics for Fun and Profit!

I don't link other strips on the front of my site...I'm still not quite sure why, but I dont. However there are some strips that deserve your attention, strips that have really pulled my interest, and I figure it's about time I share:

Where Drunk Meets Genius-Simple sickening fun
Ugly Girl-One of the most brilliant character concepts in history.
Girl Genius-Pur Genkius.
Sinfest-Pimping has never looked so good.
Alien Loves Predator-Pure good old fashioned ludacrist humor.
Scarecrow-Love this "strip". I hope to god Corgan finishes it.
C'est la Vie-Jen Babcock is a hottie, and the strip is good too...but daaaaamn if Jen Babcock is NOT one very fine hottie.
Perry Bible Fellowship-The most sick and twisted ideas ever to be shat upon the earth. I laugh so hard I piss myself.

There are MANY more strips that I read off and on from time to time, but these strips I come back to time and time again. But there's one strip that I would be very depressed to see go away.

Count Your Sheep-I'm going to go off on Count Your Sheep. It is, by far, the number one strip that I HAVE to read. There is something so complex about the humor that it's simple. So innocent that it's perfect. CYS is THE strip for me. I adore it. In a world where everyone is trying to "outedgy" the other guy CYS just nails the perfect "childhood" comic strip. If you're not reading it, you should be reading it. Please read it, it makes the world a better place.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Kilroy said...


As the artistic genius behind 'Where Drunk Meets Genius' I applaud Mr. Siebels for having the intestinal fortitude for admiting that he enjoys my cartoon! I get about 4000 hits/day and have an EXTREMELY low viewer participation turn out. I realize this is because my humor isn't the kind that you can openly admit to reading! I'm still waiting for someone to email with 'I was fired for having your website on my web browser history list'. It WILL happen! Go Jason! Love your stuff, you're the man.

This just proves to me that people in North Dakota truly aren't canadians!

-Kilroy, Where Drunk Meets Genius


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