Saturday, June 25

Seeing Patterns for fun and profit...

My nephue turns 5 this Thursday, and it's rather interesting to see things change with him.

He's really into Star Wars, with the same wonder and curiosity that I had towards it when I was five years old. I find it rather odd to share that with him, to watch him laugh and gigle and ooooh and ahhh over watching Luke duke it out with Vader.

The pure pixi-stix high he gets from that series makes me smile. Seeing him play with a lightsaber makes me smile.

It's sharing a story, a narrative, like a campfire ghost story, or a Grimms Fairy tale that amazes me. Seeing the pattern repeated. Youth get's their dreams, their hopes, their glimmer from stories, stories that generations share.

Star Wars is one of those stories that we now share.

And the pattern repeats...


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