Tuesday, July 26

The Last Temptation of Chris

This week, Chris is going to be growing an aweful lot. Chris is...

I remember reading about the great sculptors, and how great sculpture isn't created, it just emerges from the marble chip by chip while you whittle everything away that ISN'T the sculpture.

Chris is much like that. She was always intended to be in the strip, I still know what role she'll play in the story, but she is amazing. The more I write her, the more she winds up revealing to me.

I've also determined that YES, this will be the start of year three of the strip (odd isn't it...seems like it's only been, what, seven months?) This is really Chris' year, and Chris' year is year three.

So ABH will conclude (checks callander) around December of 2007.

Enjoy the ride while you can.




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