Wednesday, December 7


This has been one absolutly INSANE week.

First, I got snarked...which has caused my readership to nearly triple.

Secondly, I got interviewed for writing the novel. Which only mentioned my comic in passing, but not in name. This led to my name being plastered all over the paper, and consequentially, getting a number of phone calls from relatives and FRIENDS that I haven't seen or heard of in years.

What's even odder is that I'm hearing from old high school friends. People that I probibly haven't talked with in almost a decade, who are now stopping by to read the strip.

And I'm's weird.

I'm the quiet type. More or less... I mean, when I open up a bit I'm a charming bastard, I truely am. I seem to be quite good at holding down a conversation and throwing out the quips.

But I just am not use to it.

I've always been the quiet one. ALWAYS. I've never done anything really that would scream out "look at me! HERE I AM!"

So now having my e-mail inbox flooded with people cheering me on, having friends that I haven't heard from in ages say "Wow, color me impressed."

It's just weird. I'm not complaining at all, I'm just saying, it's very...different.

Anyway, cheers to all of you. Those of you who enjoy this strip, who enjoy the characters, who enjoy the humor, and who enjoy the hope and drama...I'm glad I could give you something that resonates with you all.

Peace out
-The Bastard


At 4:19 PM, Blogger lisa schamess said...

Okay, I'll bite (normally, though, I really don't). What the hell is "getting snarked"? Is it a term for, like, getting random traffic directed your way via Blogger? In which case, first I was snarked by someone who visited you, then I decided to snark you (though it was intentional, which makes it extra snarky).

Speaking of which, you mean you actually wrote a novel in November? Shame on you!!!! I am in fact a novelist, and couldn't write a single novel in a year, or even two years, much less that propped-up-promo-month deal in November. Sheesh.

I am feeling plenty snarky.

come see my site, I really do strive to have content sometimes. I dig your ink.

the truth hurts

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Anywhere But Here said...


Getting snarked is getting reviewed by a website called websnark

It's "THE" big name in webcomic reviews.


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