Friday, November 11

Novel Experpt

When Gordon awoke, he found himself in the shadow of the land of the Rising Sun.
And needless to say, Japan was having one hell of a time.
First, due to the large jolt of seismic activity that resulted when Wyoming was scattered to the four winds made many in Tokyo rather nervous. Citizens of Asia’s largest city became a little more antsy when a few hours later Mount Fuji decided to get into the act and rained down hot fiery death upon anyone within a 40 mile radius.
They became a little bit more concerned, when the tsunami which was generated when the South Eastern half of California jumped slammed into them with a 50 foot wall of water, covering half the city with slimy, smelly, dead dolphins just minutes before Gordon’s arrival.
But what REALLY got he heart popping, was the news that due to all the current commotion, Godzilla was spotted just 30 miles off the coastline.
Now this did tend to frighten Japan, as Godzilla had only appeared in movies, seeing him now, without the zipper seams was a tad bit much for them to truly grasp in any way outside of sheer Pavlovian terror.
Thoth had the wonderful luck of delivering Gabriel and his crew just seconds before the big Lizard was to make landfall.
“What’s all the commotion about?” Said Gabriel as a sea of Japanese raged past them while Thoth was dropping him off.
“Ugh,” Said Gordon as he was coming too…being a direct descendant of Rasputin did have some benefits, like making one nefariously hard to kill. “Where…ouch” he said shaking the black spots from in front of his eyes from his vision “Where…are we?”
“I think we’re in Japan.” Said Cadriel, who was just being deposited along side Gordon and Gabriel.
“We’re in Japan?” Said Gordon, “JAPAN! Thoth! We’re about 1,200 miles from where we should be!” His yells would do little good, as Thoth was already half way across the Pacific in full sprint to grab the last of the party.
“Where are we?” Said Nike as Thoth dropped her off.
“We’re in Japan, the little runt has us on the wrong frigging Island” Shouted Gordon over the screaming masses.
“Look, I’m a little rusty, it happens.” Said Thoth shrugging.
“It happens…wait. Why is everyone panicking?” Gordon looked at the wet streets covered in dead sea creatures. “The tidal wave has passed…so…what exactly is all of this…a…”
Gordon looked up and saw exactly what the commotion was about. “What, exactly, is that?” he said pointing up towards the thirty story high irradiated lizard.
Gabriel and Cadriel looked up in Unison.
“Oh crap,” said Gabriel, the Beast of the Sea just woke up.”
“Godzilla…Godzilla is the beast of the sea?” Said Gordon, not taking his eyes off of the reptile.
“I would guess so.”
“THE BEAST OF THE SEA IS FRIGGIN GODZILLA!” Screamed Gordon as he grabbed Gabriel by his golden robes. “THE BEAST OF THE SEA…GODZILLA.”
“Yes, it would appear so.”
“GOD-FUCKING-ZILLA doesn’t EXIST!” Yelled Gordon at the top of his lungs.
“I beg to differ,” said Cadriel looking up at the radioactively mutated reptile. “That appears to be some rather conclusive proof to the contrary.”
“Well, you see, we kinda had to contract some of this out.” Began Gabriel.
“HOW can you CONTRACT OUT a FICTIONAL CHARACTER to play the role of the FUCKING BEAST OF THE SEA!” Gordon said, shaking the angel Violently.
“I honestly don’t know,” Said Gabriel “I’ll ask Michael when I get back upstairs.”
“Ok..ok…ok, ok,ok…first thing’s first.” Said Gordon, trying desperately to regain his composure. “Where’s Thoth.”
“Sorry about that,” said Thoth dropping Nike’s Edsel behind him with a loud thud. “Almost forgot our luggage.”


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