Saturday, January 7

Dont you hate when you're right

An actual phone conversation I had yesterday:

ME: Hello
Credit Card Company: Yes, is Jason There.
Me: This is.
CCC: HI, this is ______ I'm just calling to let you know that your payment is past due.
Me: OH?
CCC: Yes, it was due on the 30th.
Me: OH, I'm pretty sure I paid that before Christmas using your online site.
CCC: Well we haven't recieved it yet.
Me: Hold on one second (pull up my e-mail accout) Yeah, I have a recipt here. Notice of payment sent.
Me: Yep.
CCC: Well, we haven't recieved it.
Me: ER...OK, I used your online service. According to the e-mail you sent me, payment was sent on the 23rd.
CCC: Well it's not in our records.
Me: Do you have an e-mail address, I can foreward it to you.
CCC: Please hold while I transfer you to my manager.
ME: (Does the curly shuffle for 4 minutes waiting for a manager.)
CCM: Hello my name is M. R_______, How may I help you.
Me: Yes, I was told that you failed to recieve payment on my credit card, however I have an e-mail reciept that payment was sent.
CCM: I see, we haven't recieved payment.
Me: second. (Pulls up my online bank account.) Hurm...I don't see any transaction in there either. I think something is wonky in your system.
CCM: I doubt that sir.
Me: Would you like me to foreward you the e-mail that your system sent me?
CCM: NO, that's quite allright.
Me: Allright.
CCM: Would you like to make payment today.
Me: WELL, that would be just fine.
CCM: Please hold while I transfer you to an account representative.
ME: (Does the electric boogaloo to the full, non-edited version of Stairway to Heaven...TWICE before getting an account rep.)
CCAR: Hello, how can I help you.
Me: YEs, Appearantly your online system was not working when I submitted payment. I guess I need to send ya'll some cash.
CCAR: Would you like to do an e-check.
Me: Sure, why not.
CCAR: There will be a $15 service fee.
Me: I'm...what? I'm sorry.
CCAR: Well, you see, for us to do an e-check, we have to charge you a $15.00 service fee.
Me: Wait, I'm getting charged $15? For what?
CCAR: Well, the bank charges us $30 to draft and e-check.
Me: ER...OK...I don't understand.
CCAR: We only charge you half of what the bank charges, so there will be a $15.00 service...
ME: Well buggar that. I'll just pay online.
CCAR: I can wave the fee for first time.
Me: ER...NO...that's fine, I'll just pay online.
CCAR: But I can wave the fee so you won't have to pay the service charge.
Me: ER, NO, that's FINE. I'll just pay online.
CCAR: But it won't cost you anything.
Me: HONESTLY, any place that is telling me a bank charges you $30.00 to do an online that I can EASILY do FOR FREE on your website...well, they're not exactly instilling my confidence.
CCAR: YEs sir, but it would...
ME: ER, if it's costing YOU $30 dollars, WHY may I ask would you encourage me to send you a payment that would COST YOU MONEY.
CCAR: Well sir, this way we can guarantee your payment has been sent and.
ME: WAIT WAIT WAIT...are you implying that me paying online is not GUARANTEED to get to you...
CCAR: Well sir we cant...
ME: Well OBVIOUSLY it DOESN'T because I SENT my payment and recieved a RECIEPT THAT it was sent and you still haven't recieved it. THUS I guess your faith in the system CANT be that great if you would RATHER LOSE $30.00 just to make certain you recieve my payment.
CCAR: (Stunned Silence.) Would you like to set up an electronic checking transfer.
Me: NO, you know what...I don't think I'm going to pay online either. I'm rather concerned about your companies ability to effectivly handle online transactions. Rather, to ENSURE that BOTH of us are playing fair here, I'm going to send you a CHECK by CERTIFIED mail. That way YOU know that I know that YOU recieved my payment, and we can all keep each other happy.
ME: HAve a nice day.
CCAR: You too sir.


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