Wednesday, October 25




So, Around July I dropped my home internet connection to save some green for the wedding. The plan was to do the strips at my place, and then go to Jessica's to upload strips and do any internet stuff there.

which was working GREAT by the way. Seriously, I was able to save an extra couple of bucks a month and the system worked. Yes, there were some delays, but you know, that was the trade off.

Well, about 2 months ago we started having computer problems. The battery would stop recharging. We believed the problem to be with the power cord to it's laptop. If you bumped the computer we'ld loose power and it would shut off, If you wiggled the cord to get it to power back up.

Well...yesterday...Jessica's computer went completely belly up. Dead. D...E...A...D. No power, nada. Which ment there was absolutly NO way to update on Wednesday. I've been able to work ahead to make certain that I've got strips through next Wednesday when I'll ONCE AGAIN have a connection to the net at our new place. At which point, I can be a much, much, much happier camper.

But Untill then...