Sunday, July 1

A fresh Start

Well, yes, it very much is, and here's the reasoning for it.

1. Storywise, it was a bloody mess to try and deal with what was happening. Not that I "need the misery" so to say..but rather things were drawing out FAR to long and I just couldn't reconcile what was happening in the strip.

In other words, I was tired of watching it drag down like a weighted corpse.

2. I was debating doing a hard reboot when I rebooted back in January (or February...or whenever it was)...but I figured I'ld get killed.

In other words, this really should have happened this spring...but I didn't have the balls to do it I'm doing it now.

3. I DO want to compile ABH into book form. Which I could not do given what I had in front of me. In order to publish a book, I NEED the story from top to bottom...not from middle to end to begining.

So, I could either wait untill things wrapped up with this series...move onto the follow up series (yes, there is at least one more series that I want to see out there when it's all said and done) and then try and finish up ABH...or I just do what I should have done from the bloody begining. Which is START FROM THE TOP LIKE I SHOULD HAVE.

In other words...this is an attempt to fix things once and for all.

4. My art sucked. It sucked in horrible sucky sucky suck suck ways that I did not want to see published in book form. This is MY WAY of fixing it.

In other words...My art sucked in sucky suck suck suck ways...and this is my way of fixing it.

With that said. The archives WILL be continually perusable at the comicgenesis site, you can go view my past shame there.'s bloody AWEFUL.

Hope this answers your questions in one big "howsyamama" swoop.



3. My art...from back in 04' sucks. It sucks in a way that I rather hate.