Friday, July 29

And so we come to the end...

Of the "Last Temptation of Chris" arc. I had never intended for Mongo to be Christina's guardian angel, it just...kinda...made sense.

Likewise I never realized that Chris' dad was dead till this Tuesday. Yeah, I said "realized," I swear to God Chris exists in some alternate dimension, fully fleshed out, and I just find these cool bits and pieces of who she is and let you guys discover them in the strip.

That's what I love about doing this strip. Yes, I know how it all ends, but there are still surprises for me to find, things I never realized about this story, these characters, that once comes to light, really makes it interesting for me to put it all down on paper, all the more exciting for me to get to the next part and find out what REALLY happens.

I mean, we all know that the hobbits win out against Sauron, the real fun is seeing just how they do it.


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