Wednesday, November 2

Woo Hoo

Up to 6,500 words in my Novel.

No guarantees I'll make it to the 50,000 word finish line...but it's been fun so far.

Newest Exerpt from Chapter 3:

Cadriel was the odd duck of the heavenly hosts, to say the least.
Cadriel was given the rather menial designation of Gods Interior designer. Which, was a fine and dandy job to have given the rather large size of heaven. One can never truly be short of work coordinating bedspreads with the wallpaper in a place that defies all understandable laws of volume.
However, when the great war of heaven broke out, Cadriel was…well…rather useless.
It’s one thing to be the Angel of the North Wind, or the Angel of Lightning, or even the Angel of the Morning. But to be the Interior Decorator of God, well, one is rather useless in a battle. And while he DID fight on the side of the Angels, most of his time was spent trying to coordinate the perfect shade of purple to effectively capture just the right contrast against the golden breastplates of the heavenly hosts. Trying to effectively change the robes of the Cherubim to a more luxurious silk in the midst of battle rather offended those participants.
Needless to say, he wasn’t to well wanted after it was all said or done. However, he hadn’t earned a place in the fiery pit below.
So Cadriel spent most of his time on earth, trying to spruce the place up a bit.
The white lilies along Victoria Falls, Cadriel.
The breathtaking sunsets along the Fjords of Norway, Cadriel.
The entire bloody renaissance, Mostly Cadriel, but the Italians helped a bit too.
Prince’s fairly large wardrobe of mostly buttless purple pants and cravats, All Cadriel’s doing.
And now, the Interior Decorator of God was spending his time selling antiques to the citizens of Bismarck North Dakota. The Angel was trying his darndest to instill SOME sense of class into a city that mostly revolved around…Bismarck truly didn’t revolve around anything. Not even Sunday Gossip. Bismarck just sat there mostly, void of any real redeeming or interesting quality outside of the fact that the former interior decorator of God had now taken up residence and was giving out free painting tips to anyone who would listen to him.
But Cadriel enjoyed his work there, and felt that he was beginning to make a difference since he had now convinced TWO people in the past 100 years to paint their house taupe instead of the hideous eggshell white they had originally intended to go with.


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