Friday, January 13

The First and Ten Project

Some more astute readers may notice a little link to the right.

This year is my last in Fargo. And I've decided that THIS year, I'm sucking the marrow out of the bones of this old gal.

So, I'm going to be cramming as much "life" into living as I can. Which means, I'm heading out to see as many resturants, bars, and shops as I can. Doesn't mean I'm going to spend myself into debt, but it DOES mean that I'll be trying my hand at a lot of things that I haven't before.

Because I want to see all this city has to offer before I never step foot in here again.

The first and ten project is so named because my my "Due Date" for my move.

October 1-06...



So, this is me, sucking the life out of life.


The First and Ten Project


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