Thursday, August 18

Getting people to say nice things about you for fun and profit...

I got another review today, and this one I've been anticipating for awhile:

The reason I've been waiting for it is because I know this gentleman to be fairly selective in what he picks out. These aren't reviews for the general public, they're his personal thoughts on web comics that he personally likes.

And he likes a LOT of stuff that I consider as outstanding work.

And my little scribbles...scribbles that some days I languish HOURS over because I hate the way a toe his highest rating.

I'm one of three strips, three out of two dozen strips that got a perfect rating. Lord knows how many strips this guy reads, just making the two dozen is something. But to be considerd on the top of the pile...

I think I'm feeling a little overwhealmed.

I don't know what it is, if I'm feeling pride, or acceptance, I just don't know, but...I feel really...weird. Strangly wonderful, strangely terrified.

Maybe I just need a little more sleep.


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