Monday, October 3

Scamming...part deux

Yes, I recieve a LOT of IM spam....a LOT.

Frankly, it pisses me off.

So, as an attempt to give scammers the finger...I'm posting my "Scam a Bastard" logs here, this one was rather boring.

lisajoness007: hello
lisajoness007: how are you doing?
Me not bad
Me: so, what can I do ya for?
lisajoness007: your name pls?
Me: It's Jason...
lisajoness007: that cool
lisajoness007: am lisa
Me: Nice to meet you lisa.
Me: so are you in a habit of contacting guys you don't know? Or is this just something new?
lisajoness007: no
lisajoness007: i was boring in house and i feel like to found someone talk to
Me: boring in house?
lisajoness007: yes
Me: you were drilling in your own home? Were you doing some plumbing, trying to wire a chandelier?
Me: installing a VERY small window perhaps.
lisajoness007: lol
Me: so, talk...
Me: I'm listening...
lisajoness007: no
lisajoness007: talk
lisajoness007: you're a man
Me: No no no...I'm a witty man.
Me: but I need something to work with.
Me: what do you do for a living? Aside from drilling in your home.
lisajoness007: am a nurse
Me: really?
Me: LPN or RN?
lisajoness007: am work in lute general hospital here in pecham
Me: Pecham?
lisajoness007: yes
lisajoness007: that's london where i live
Me: and where were you born?
lisajoness007: i was born in arlington texas
lisajoness007: and i went to metropolitan university in liverpool united kingdom
Me: and english seems to come as a second language to you? Interesting....
lisajoness007: yes
Me: especially from someone from london, pretty dapper chaps there, have a firm grasp of pronouns.
lisajoness007: ok thanks
Me: look, scammers do not interest me...
Me: work on the sales pitch a little...learn English, it'll help
lisajoness007: ok
lisajoness007: i know we're desame
Me: desame?
Me: is that a form of english slang?
lisajoness007: yah
Me: meaning...
lisajoness007: forget
Me: forget?
lisajoness007: you've embarass me and i see that you did not attend school
Me: I know we're forget.
Me: Hey, at least I can hold down a conversation in english.
lisajoness007: really?
Me: So far I'm holding up my end....
Me: notice the "I'm"...
Me: it helps to clarify content.
lisajoness007: ok
lisajoness007: thanks
Me: for what?
lisajoness007: but you should not talk like this next time
Me: the next time someone tries scamming me?
lisajoness007: bcos you donot know who is going to help you
Me: I mean, honestly love, you claim to be born in America, you claim to live in England, and you cant even conjugate a verb.
Me: you REALLY should work on that.
lisajoness007: that is shame of you
Me: if by "helping" me you mean you have some stash of money tied up somewhere but you cant reach it because you live abroad and need someone stateside with a bank account to help you collect it...
Me: seriously love, you're going to need to work on your dialect.
Me: where are you really from?
lisajoness007: i have told you
Me: Asia, Africa, Russia?
Me: because you're inability to carry a conversation in English is showing your hand.
Me: am originally from zambia but my parents staying in texas
fmcorps: Uh huh...
Me: so you were Born in Texas, moved to Zambia before you could speak, your parents left you there, and now you're in London?
lisajoness007: and am lieving in england
Me: a nurse.
lisajoness007: yes
Me: sounds pretty fishy to me...
Me: let's get to the punchline...what do you need me to do for you?
lisajoness007: nothing
Me: so why did you contact me?
lisajoness007: just to cash fun with you
Me: "cash" fun?
Me: sounds a little...interesting...since you live in London, and I live in the states.
Me: makes "cash fun" a little hard to come by.
Me: done already?

lisajoness007: bye
Me: been fun doll...


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