Thursday, September 15

Jason's Big Adventure...

Is comming shortly....

See, here's the deal. I'm all FOR innovation, I'm all for new, wonderfull, electronic things.

But I don't have a digital camera yet. I'm not a technophoboe...but rather...I have a bit o' a high class streak to me. See, I have NEVER purchased a camera before.

Funny aint it.

I HAVE a camera, which is a funny story. I won the sucker when I was in college. It's a nice little camera, has a decent zoom, and it takes VERY nice pics.


What I WANT, is a Cannon Digital Rebel. One that I can switch lenses out on. One that gives me ultimate control over my shots.

My dad has a beautiful 35 millimeter camera. That's what I was use to shooting with in high school. And once you get use to it, you'll never want to go back. The precision, the control...

Yeah, I got hooked on the good stuff. But I haven't been able to drop a grand on a camera. Who knows, if Anywhere But Here winds up generating some cash, I probibly WILL be able to get it far sooner then I expect.

But I don't have a digital camera now. I'm saving my sheckles to get what I REALLY want. (Funny, my life seems to revolve around waiting for just the right thing....must be a personality flaw.)

The POINT to all of this is...I have a film camera. Film takes time to develop. Film takes CASH to develop. All my film was dropped off earlier this week, and I'm expecting to pick it up sometime next week (probibly wednesday or thursday) and then scanning in my pics.

So you'll just have to wait to read about the bastards trip to NYC. But don't worry, I journaled a LOT of it.

In the'll just have to learn patience.



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