Friday, October 21

Bloody Wonderfull Chris, and other stories.


Allright, I have about half of part 8 of this story done. Part 7 should have been it...but then...

Chris pulled something on me. Something I didn't really expect, but something that's just so true to Chris now that I understand her that...well...I couldn't leave it out.

And now I have 11 pages. 3 more pages to do (although that may get expanded...because it's Chris...bloody fucking wonderfull Chris).

And I think to myself...why, why won't you just do what I want. And I realize, she's not there yet.

Bloody fucking wonderful Chris indeed.

So this story is most likely running until November.

In other news...

I had a moment where my life scarily imitated my life.

I got a call to have dinner with a friend of mine. It was free pizza night at a local bar, and who am I to turn down a free meal.

So we get there, and I have a beer, and have my fill of pizza, and I wait for my tab.

And my waitress completly forgets about us.

So I wait for five minutes, and she still doesn't come by.

So I walk down to the Bar, put on a slight brittish accent, and say "Hey luv, did ya forget about me tab?"

She goes doe eyed on me and laughs. She winds up handing my credit card to another waitress and waitress number two goes to ring me up.

I go back to my table and wait for it. Waitress number two comes down, and cant find me till I wave her over like you would an old friend.

She hands me the tab, I make charming small talk and make her blush.

And my friend just stares at me and says "You're to friendly."

I get an odd look on my face, and go "What"

And he says "Who are you and what did you do with Jason?"

I had to chuckle


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