Friday, October 28

Making art for fun and profit....

Some rather interesting news...

I stopped by the screen printing shop today to check on the hold up on the shirts. The manager assured me...ASSURED me that the final screens will be set up on Sunday, and the first run of prints for pre orders WILL be ready to go out on Monday.

And THEN, he did something I didn't expect.

He told me he looked over my site, and was rather impressed by the art. Moreso, he asked me if I'ld be interested doing some freelance work for his shop.

And for the FIRST time in my life...I'm looking at getting PAID for doing something I love to do. I could actually make a CARREAR out of doing something I love.

Now let me explain a little here.

I went to school to teach music. Because I LOVE music. I love the power that exists in music.

Music is emotion...pure...raw...viscerial emotion. I love classical music...well...not all classical music.

I LOVE instrumental music that grabs you by the balls and twists. Music that can turn you from utter peace to pure rage in an instant.

I love music that fires me up. Which is why I love Jazz. Yes, I love Miles Davis, but Miles Davis isn't's Miles.

Jazz is Stan Kenton, Jazz is Buddy Rich, Jazz is the music that you listen to and feel your heart beat so fast that you can scarecly breath.

THAT'S JAZZ. To me, it's the pure, unadulterated emotion of life.

But I DON'T teach music...I teach drum corps. And I do it for free, because to ME, it's so important to show young people just how amazing, how absolutly bloody spectacular that side of music is.

And I do a damned good job of it.

But I don't get paid for it. I get paid for running a television and radio station.

And it's an allright job. It pays most of the bills. Makes certain I can afford to take some trips out of me a few little adventures here and there.

But I most certainly do not LOVE working for television and radio. To me, it's pointless work with absolutly no reward beyond a paycheck.

What I LOVE doing is creating art. I love crafting stories that resonate with people. And I hope to do that for a living some day.

And THIS...this little piece of freelance work excites me. Because in a round about way, it's telling me I COULD actually make...well...making ART a paying gig.

Yeah, freelancing sucks. BUT, it provides me with more opportunities.

Now I'm NOT going to get my hopes up to high. But it is something that I did want to share....because I'm bloody frigging excited at this prospect.



At 3:08 PM, Blogger CharlieDecker said...

Fabulous Jason! I hope it all pans out. I know the fact that I am now in a job that I love doing is making all the difference in the world...


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