Tuesday, October 25

Mondays are the Best Nights of the Week...

Because Monday's are bastard nights, and bastard nights are good nights.

So, last night, Bastard Night, I wound up going out bar hopping. Bloody fucking odd situation to fall into I'll say.

But it rather went down like this:

I run over for my normal Monday night ritual, free wings at Space Aliens with my drum line staff.

So, our waitress comes by, I flash the bastard smile, order a killians and call her "love"...which, is completly innocent in my book.

And my drum guy just gives me this look....like..."WHAT THE FUCK HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU?"

"What I say with a laugh".

"That's the third waitress this week that I've heard you say 'thanks love' to".

"What, it's English...it's perfectly acceptable."

"We're not in England."

"True, but I was raised on a lot of Monty Python and BBC imported over on PBS."

"It's just weird, would you be comfortable with me calling the waitress 'sweetheart' or 'pumpkin'?"

"Sweetheart I could see, Pumpkin would be pushing it."

"And stop smiling."


"You don't smile...what is this...you're all..."


"It's just scary, I'm not use to it."

I make a serious face and say "Is this better?"

He looks at tme and laughs..."Yeah."

I smile again "Well, sorry to throw you for a loop...you're just going to have to get use to it."

Then my Color Guard guy shows up...and he brings two friends with him.

The next thing I know Lurch (my drum guy) takes off and, It's myself, Craig, Carissa, and Aubrea (Aubrea, poor poor girl, who names their daughter Aubrea outside of England?). Bar hopping our way down downtown Fargo.

And I must say, I had a blast. Morgan and Whisky drinks were two for one at just about every place we went. After 4 I begun to lose count...which I think was halfway through the first bar.

Before I know it, I'm in the basement bar of the Fargo strip club (no strippers, couldn't cover ALL the bases of debauchery that night)...but good bloody hell was it fun.

And most of all, I got to whip out the charming bastard hat all night long. I discovered that Carissa is a fellow web cartoonist who draws a strip called Alex Bea Zoe. I even got her to write her phone number IN LIPSTICK (an absolute FIRST for me) and to kiss the card that she wrote it on.

What can I say, it's good to have the old bastard back.

The weird thing is...I had a moment of syncronicity again tonight...and syncronicity is really begining to piss me off. As I'm enjoying my third purple penetrator at the basement bar...I hear a song that takes the wind out of my sails and reminds me of someone...and I cant help but smile, and goddam dispair.

And I'm so...shocked...by this reminder, that I need to leave the bar. Just to "get some air" as I tell them grabbing my cigarette case.

I'm begining to wonder if I'm developing a bit of Apophenia...pulling together completly unrelated things and seeing threads where there are none.

Bloody hell...

Anway, next Monday is Halloween...which means...well it's halloween.

I get to wear my horns. And I'm looking foreward to it.



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